How Important Are Fitness And Health In Your Life?


When I was younger, I used to be chubby. My parents and my grandmother later thought that it was good to feed me with more food than I actually needed. As a consequence, for many years I was overweight, not obese, but definitely not as fit as some of my classmates. Thank God I was not bullied because of that, I was instead for another reason, but I am not talking about it right now.

Of course during the years, I was more or less fat. There were some moments when I was more fit, but there was always that extra skin and fatness around some parts of my body. At one point, I decided that it was enough and that I had to be skinny once for all. With the help of a friend, we worked out for some months swimming every day and eating much less and healthier. Day by day I lost weight and I was finally fitting in smaller sizes, no belly, no puffy cheeks, just lean. After having lost the extra weight, I quit the work out; I was never into fitness. In my younger years I tried many different sports and activities, but I was not passionate at any of them.

Right now, I am in a bar drinking a macchiato with soy milk. People in Los Angeles are more concerned to their weight and to the way they look than the average American person. But not everybody is, there are four people sitting here. One of them is very fit, another one looks quite well, and then there is an obese couple. Being fit can be a choice, but not everybody make that one. Apparently this couple does not, they order two large coffee with cream and four spoons of sugar, and successively the guy asked for extra sugar and cream. Certainly, food can be tastier when you add more butter, sugar, or whatever unhealthy ingredients you want to put, but before doing it you should consider how bad that can be to you.

Of course, I sometimes eat some foods that are not so healthy, but it is very rarely and even in those situations in a very small portion. I always tell myself how much work out I need to do in order to get rid of it. Occasionally, it helps me to eat less and control myself more. If it does not stop me to do it, at least the next day I will force myself to reduce the amount of food that I will eat and to get healthier one.

I think that food, like alcohol and to some people drugs, give you that temporary pleasure. And yes, it is not permanent, so you should be careful to what you choose to eat and consider the benefits that a particular type of meal can have to your body more than what it tastes in your mouth.

I chose a healthier style of life and I do not want to eat junk food. Well, today I had a half brownie, but it was a tiny piece. Some people would have eaten ten instead. In a few days, I will turn forty-one. People look at me and may think that I am skinny, but I am not. I am trying to be fit, toned, have more muscles, eventually a six-pack and a bigger, firm butt.

Eating is good, fun and your body can be healthier, but it is up to you! There are many pleasures in life and food is one of them. Is not sex another one? And it can help you to burn calories as well!



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