A New Chapter

In about three months, I will be able to work in this country. Well, FINALLY!

I really think that it is going to be a great opportunity for many different reasons.

First of all, I will be able to have an income after many years of studying and being mostly supported by my partner. I have to say that in these over four years together, we have been helping each other in many different ways. Some people did not think that we had a future together. But here we are. It was February 2009 when I moved here to live with my partner, and it was August 1st of the current year when we finally got married. So in some months, I will be able to bring some money home and not just be the househusband.

Second, I will have the chance to meet new people, socialize, learn English even more and be part of the American society in a different way. I will be less an observer and more a worker.

Finally, I will be able to experience some different fields and realize what to do with the other years of my life. I know that nothing is permanent, that I have to live the present. Maybe I will change jobs repeatedly, but I hope that no matter what I am going to do is going to be something that I am passionate for. In the past I already worked for many years boring myself with some craziness and bullshit. I know that I can be that picky at first, but who knows what the present and the future have in mind for me. One thing for sure is that a friend and I share a common interest, photography, and I focus all my positivity towards it.

Well, one thing for sure is that the angels keep sending me messages every day and it is just a matter of make things happen.



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