It Is All About Love And I Love Myself Even More

Today is my birthday and I want to wish a happy birthday to myself. In the last year, I have been working on my self-appreciation even more. I still have some days when I feel that I am a loser, not enough cute, intelligent, kind, lovely or whatsoever. However, in my birthday I want to tell myself again how much I love myself.

On my forty-first birthday, I desire to declare that in all my imperfections I am a perfect being. God loves me and He is there to protect me with all the angels. I doubted in the past to be worth to be happy. I suffered because I lost some important people in my life; sometimes I am sad because things are not the way my weird mind want them to be. Everyday I try to surround myself of positivity, embracing the negative aspects of myself but do not let them get over me.  I love myself, I love my spouse, my friends and family,and yes I know that I may not be always what you want me to be. But I am who I am and I always do my best!IMG-20131001-01751


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