Do Gentlemen Still Exist?

IMG-20130803-00854A week ago I went out with a group of friends. We were four men and one woman.

After parking the car, we walked for ten minutes when our girlfriend realized that she forgot something in the car. So she asked us to wait for her while she was going back to the car to get it. No one of the guys proposed to pick it for her. I was shocked because I immediately said, “No, you stay here and I will go.” And that is what I did.

Do Gentlemen still exist? I know that we are in the twenty-first century, that men and women are equal as they have always been even if in the past they did not have the same rights. Although there is no difference between a man and a woman, I think that women should still be treated with more respect.

Probably, it is because of the education that I received, but I still believe that if you can be a gentleman, why not being one?


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