How important is friendship in your life? What are you willing to do for a friend? Are some friends more important than others or is it just that relationships are all different?

Well, friendship is not important, it is absolutely fundamental in our lives. I think that when you see or hear about people who do not have friends, it says a lot about their personality. Of course, each situation is different. But in general if you have many good friends or even a bunch of them, it means that you are not that bad in interacting with other people. Moreover, it says that you show, more or less, that other individuals can count on you and that supposedly you have others to count on.

Certainly, I would do a lot and even more for a friend. I think I showed in the past that I can be there for my buddies and some of them can witness that. I am a reliable friend, one that you can count on. Although there were probably a couple of situations when I was not able to be there for them, I always try to do my best.

Finally, I think that like events, situations, even friends can be a different value and everybody give to them more or less importance. Somebody told me that certain old friendships cannot be compared to more recent ones. I do not completely agree with that affirmation because I experienced for real that some recent ones are very important as much as past ones. I think it is like when you meet a person and although you spend a short time with that one, you feel as if that individual has been there all your life.

Yes, friends are in certain way other you. Sometimes, you like them, in other situations you fight with them, but at the end you always go back to them or at least to a few of.



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