An Awkward Moment, An Observing 1

Some days ago I was in the waiting area of a car wash on Sunset blvd.  Many different people were there and while they were trying to do their own business, they were also awkwardly looking at each other. Yes, it was an uncomfortable moment because no matter how people were trying to conceal the fact that they were interested in observing others, it was crystal clear what they were doing. And of course I was one of them so I promptly put some notes on my blackberry about it.

The crew there was not so special than in any other places, but it is worth it to talk about it. The first person I noticed was a handsome guy with beautiful eyes and long eyebrows. His eyes totally remind of a deer although he did not look like one. He was a big guy with a big scar on his left arm. He was well dressed with a peculiar pair of leopard shoes. His skin was so flawless, thanks to his round face and to his youth. My skin used to be like that, lol. Right after staring at him, a little Doberman dog captured my attention.  I think that it was the smallest Doberman I have ever seen. I was not the only one who was interested in that dog. A blonde, tall woman with fake boobs, a nice body, and a plastic face sat right next to the dog and started a conversation with the animal’s owner. She told her about her previous dog and about the fact that when it was about to die, she could not go to see it by herself. She was playing with the dog and some other people were observing at that scene. Previously, I noticed a guy who was waiting in his car for the staff to serve him. Later, he joined the crew in the waiting area. He was wearing a sweater and some gym pants. He did not look like that he had a good sleep the night before. He just came from the store because he was carrying a baguette that was coming out of his Trader Joe’s bag. He looked tired, kind of angry. He was the type of guy that you would think kind of hot if you see him at a party in a nice suit, but that looked a little average in that moment.  A woman on her fifties came in. She was a sort of hippie woman wearing a flowery long skirt and a large blouse. She smiled at me and I answered back. I was fixing at her for a little while; she had a bored grimace on her face. But I think it was mostly because she could not see very well so she was winking her eyes. The last person I paid attention to was a skinny, unattractive, I would say to be nice average, with a hawk nose. While he was waiting for this car, he started a conversation with somebody on the phone and he was particularly cheered and entertained because of that. I do not know why, but to me he could either a doctor or a lawyer.

The time came, the car was ready and my monitoring moment was over. It is interesting how different people spend time in a public place and especially how diverse individuals are. In this globalized society there is still a bit of uniqueness and thank God it is still there.



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