Last week, I was on a bus heading to Koreatown. When I got on it at Wilshire Blvd. and Fairfax Ave, nothing was very different than an usual bus and the passengers were the regular people you can see in many buses. However, after a couple of stops a latino guy got on. There was nothing unique about him, but there was something bizarre. Strangely, the man was carrying a set of pink and white balloons. Both of us were wearing earphones and listening to some different music, but I was interested in the situation and kept looking at him. Although I desired to ask him what he was up to, I stopped myself in doing it, because I wanted to keep the mystery behind that. In my mind, he was heading to his partner’s office to present his wedding proposal. Maybe he was just carrying the balloons because someone commissioned them to him. Yet, I want to think that there was something romantic behind that, my dreamy Italian origin always gets over my realistic being.



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