The Clown In Me

Call me crazy, define me as silly, but I do not mind to be classified like that. In my 41 year of life, I have experienced different situations: happy, sad, emotional, mysterious, and bizarre ones. And in many different episodes of my existence, my peculiar being helped me to overcome difficulties, ridicules, harshness, cruelty, sufferance and much more.

As much as I am influenced by my zodiacal sign, Libra, and because of that always look for a balance, moderation, there are some moments when the craziness takes place. And in those situations I do some funny, at least to me, things: I sing, I act, I dance and I say stupid jokes that I laugh at, eventually by myself. Some people do not understand me and it is a pity for them.


A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my oldest niece, Camilla (she is Libra as well), and she told me that sometimes she does the same as I do. So she laughs at the jokes that she thinks or says, even by herself. Again there is another feature that connects the two of us. I told her that there is nothing wrong about being silly and what I define as “good crazy”. Supposedly, this would help her, as it did and does to me, to survive in this life.

While I am drinking my matcha soy vanilla latte, I cheer to myself and to my lovely niece! Let the craziness rule, at least sometimes.


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