Busy, Success, Routine, Evasion, Meaning of Life

Some days ago I was waiting for the bus. It was a morning of catching buses and dealing with way too many people.

The bus was coming so I rushed myself drinking that mocha frappe’. It was not bad and I wasted a third of it. The moment I threw the plastic cup in the trash I thought, wow I’m cool, I’m rushing because I am catching the bus. It felt like I were a busy person, a successful one who was rushing to an important meeting. My head was hurting because of the cold drink and I realized how silly I was in giving too much importance on that action, but mostly in what was behind that. Sometimes we fool ourselves by emphasizing certain things that do not have that much relevance. How vain to think that being busy is a cool thing!


That also makes me think about something else. If we have a job we complain about it. That profession annoys us, it is too tiring, our co-workers are assholes or bitches. On the other hand, if we don’t have one, we feel bad because we do not have money, we feel useless. But no matter if we do have or do not have a job, we always have to face with the fucking routine and our need of evasion.

Supposedly,if we were really happy of who we are, we should feel amazing just being in silence with ourselves, but instead we often look for a sort of evasion: listening to music, checking facebook, reading a book, a magazine, chatting with a friend, etc. How often are you able to be in peace and quietude, just you and yourself? And do not feel the need to break that tranquillity because your spirit is not as calm as it were supposed to be!?

Life is interesting, crazy and again and again we make it more complicated. It is always a matter of finding our balance, appreciating what we have instead of complaining for what is lacking. And the void of our soul is principally the main cause of everything. Feed your soul most of all, not your body!


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