Tattoo Vision Board

A couple of months ago, I had my 2 first tattoos on one of my fingers and it was a great experience. They say that things come when you are ready for, and I am willing to have some more, but just small ones.

I really want to have the second one this month. This time it will be a very short sentence on my wrist. It is something connected to my inner self and the growth that I have been experiencing in this last year and 1/2. My soul and my mind are talking to my body and they say that I matter, that I am special and that I deserve the best ever!

My Christmas gift will be one will be on my ribs, a very painful area for what I heard, close to my heart. Originally, it had to be the first one, but then I decided to postpone it. I do not know if it was a chance or it was meant to be. However, my initials, E.C.L., are also the ones of my nephew and two nieces, Edoardo, Camilla, Ludovica. So my idea is to have the three initials tattoed on the side of my upper body, and all the initials will be protected by a special heart. Let the picture talks for it when it is done.

Furthermore, a sentence will be tattooed on my arm. It is from one of Brandy’s songs.

And then the big project, not because it is going to be a huge tattoo, but because it is the representation of a Greek historical myth in different steps. Let’s keep the suspense!

This is it, but just for now!



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