My Best American Friend

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I have known Lauren for almost 5 years and since the very beginning of our friendship it was pretty clear that we had a strong connection. The time passed and this February is going to be almost 5 years that we have been not only neighbors and friends, but really close “amici”.

If I have to pick up one adjective to describe Lauren, I would choose “sweet”. But there are many others that I can use to give an idea of who this great person is: generous, easygoing, intelligent, entrepreneur, multitasking, nonjudgmental, good listener, funky (one of her favorite adjectives), funny, fun, hardworking, … and many more positive ones. She is also very talented in many different aspects, she is an excellent photographer, she has different interests and keep herself informed about various topics all the time.

Lauren is a very special person to me and I deeply cherish her and our friendship. Thank you Lauren for being such an extraordinary friend and individual.

p.s.: Opening the post are some pictures of her beautiful cat “Ziggy” that I also called Iggy. I also created a song for him and I sometimes say, “Iggy for President”. LOOOOL

At the end of the post I uploaded a different photo, because my friend is originally from Kentucky. I cannot wait to visit it with her and my spouse and to discover all together the beautiful features of it.



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