When You Let The Shell Fall Down

No matter if it is a friendship or a love relationship, the moment you let yourself go, once you get rid of the shell that you built around you, the risk is really high.

Some days ago, a friend was saying how difficult it is to open himself again to somebody else. After having been single for several years, he has been dating someone for like a month.  Although they are taking their time and go very slowly, he explained how tough it is to let the shield he built in the past years fall down. The moment we expose ourselves to another person, the game starts and our hope is that is all good. Unfortunately, it is not always like that and my friend asserted that he is concerned about it. But at the same time he is ready for whatever comes and he is giving it a try. Good for him!

Occasionally, not just when you are in a love relationship, but also in a friendship there is a risk of getting burnt, of being disappointed. The friendship is so important and fundamental in our lives. How many times we try to build a companionship with different people and for various reasons. It does not matter how this type of relation started, the dynamics of it, there will be 2 people more or less involved, with great expectations or little ones. They usually speculate that in order to avoid any disappointments we should not have any outlooks; whatever happens, good or bad, will be instead just a surprise. In certain occasions, we are not the type of friends that our companions expect and neither are they to us. We know or at least we assume that the people in our life are good ones who will bring happiness, support, but not all the time that is what happens.  And how are we willing to be supportive, enriching individuals to others? Let’s not forget that once you let somebody in, it is no more all about you.

Whoever that person is, either our lover or our friend, we let that individual reading our book, some can read it almost fully, others only partially. And who knows if that human being will be gentle with it and writes notes of love using a golden marker. Or instead that mortal will compose lines of hate with a permanent marker and even tear off some pages that will harm us very deeply.


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