Do You Really Want The Red Carpet? Is It Worth It?

IMG-20131110-02357Some people totally do not get it. We surrender ourselves of stuff we do not  really need and want. We think that we cannot live without the latest phone, computer, car model and much more. We keep buying objects that will become useless in a second. And then we complain because our places become clattered and full of “shit”.

I’ve become much pickier about buying new things. If I do not really need something or desire it repeatedly, I am not going to make that purchase. I force myself to buy a definite amount of clothes, accessoires, and other gadgets, and that is. I live in a small apartment, when I open my drawers to pick up a t-shirt or a sweater, most of the times is the usual one. I refuse to spend a lot of money for clothes, probably I will do once a year for a pair of shoes or a bag. I one-hundred per cent sustain that this society is losing its values more and more.

As I said before, I am done with this systematic habit of buying products that I do not miss; although I cannot deny that I used to be one of those compulsive buyers, I have changed my style, my interests and I rather spend my money doing something else. I changed a lot in the last few years and got more and more balanced in different levels of my life and the shopping is one of them as well, thank God and thank for my wallet, LOOOOOL

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