A Ghost Is In The House!

It was about a month ago. It was an usual early morning, I opened the kitchen door to discover that there was something wrong going on. Let me go back a little.

The night before my spouse and I went out for grabbing a drink and once back home he decided to get something to eat. He warmed some leftovers in the microwave, and I repeat the microwave, ate the food and then joined me in bed.

So to my great surprise I was more than bewildered to discover one of the fires on the stove on when I got in the kitchen the next morning. We were both shocked because we were 100% sure that we did not use it before going to bed.

Well, some people do not believe in the existence of ghosts, spirits or whatsoever. On the contrary, I totally think that specters are real and they come and go in our life and in our environment. Our apartment is in a 1920’s/30’s building and we are not the only people who have experienced a situation like that. Indeed, other neighbors had similar experiences in their lodgings.


I really believe that the ghost who turned the fire on that night was a good one and was just trying to send us some messages or some positive energy. Otherwise, we could have died because of the exhaustion or a potential fire.

My dear spirit, thank you for thinking about us. Next time, please do not turn the fire on or open the water. You can leave me a note at the door and I promise that I will respond to you.


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