The Departed, The Detachment

IMG-20131204-00111Back in February 2009 I moved from Europe to the States. It was a big decision to leave my friends and family and live so, so far away from them. I had the chance to go back three times and of course it was great and sad at the same time. I do not really miss my city, maybe sometimes, but what I long is some of my people.

Even though technology can be sometimes helpful in keeping the contact with the people you care for,  it is not enough and some individuals do not really like this cold mean of communication. Although I do not blame them, I wish they would be a little more willing to use it. But again life is not made of expectations from anybody ever. You get what you get and that is it.

No matter if I talk to some friends and relatives once in a while or almost never, I know that, at least in my heart, they are still important as much as they were when I lived in Italy. They say that the quantity of time you spend with a person is not important, because it is the quality that matters. In addition to that some of my people felt a void when I left and to them it is easier not to talk to me rather than do it and then miss me. I love them no matter what and I cherish them in my heart.

Sometimes, in my selfishness I think that if my beloved ones and I do not frequently communicate, we are detaching from each other. Yet, I know that the 9-hour time difference or even more for others and the different styles of life we all have is a good excuse for not being in contact as much as we would like, too.

This is for all of you that I love and that are far away from me, I cherish our friendships and relationships.


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