Reincarnation, 1st Part

I finally finished the book “Same Soul, Same Bodies” by Brian L. Weiss and I found it really fascinating. I will share some thoughts and quotes from it.

As the title of my post suggests, the main idea of the book is that each of us has a soul and this is going to transfer from one person to another, sometimes it even splits in several and find not just one owner but more than one. Through the technique of the hypnosis, the author helps people to solve their current situations and lives by going back to past existences as well as going occasionally to their future ones.

Moreover, through this type of process, the patients are able not just to have better present lives , but also to prepare their future ones. Indeed, they learn what they or other related people did wrong in the past that is actually what is causing the here and now difficulties and sufferance. Once this is learned, there will be the chance to grow and be a better person now and in the future.

As the author sustains, “We must be rich, poor, male, female, healthy, sickly, big, small, strong, and weak. If in one lifetime I’m wealthy and someone else is living as I once did, in the slums of Bogota, then I will want to help that person because it will be a step in my own growth.”



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