Am I Scary?

Some days ago, I was walking on Santa Monica Blvd. After going running and stopping at the West Hollywood library to get a book and some CDs, I was heading back home. I could not run because I was carrying about 10 different CDs; It was a hard work to keep the balance and not make all fall on the ground. While I was strolling on the boulevard, I had to stop to scratch one of my wrists that was itching. Right after that I had just passed a blond man with a big dog. And here comes the story.


The guy who I had surpassed before was now ahead me and acted weirdly. Once in a while he was turning back to see if I were following him and kept jogging faster and faster. He was totally scared of me and I do not know why. At a certain point, he even passed with a red light to distance himself from me. Later on, when he was consistently far from me, he stopped twisting his head and I changed sidewalk, too to make him more comfortable. When I got home, I asked myself and my spouse if I looked scary and both of us came to the conclusion that actually there was nothing wrong about me. For sure I know I am a little crazy, but that guy was even crazier.

I really wonder what he was worried about me. I was carrying a pile of CDs and I was totally harmless. Moreover, he was much bigger and taller than I am. Supposedly even though I am almost 5.9 feet tall for 130 pound weight and I do not have big muscles, I can still be intimidating to other people. LOOOOOOL


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