Reincarnation 2nd Part

Today, I am about to continue talking about a book by Brian Weiss that I previously introduced.

In one passage the author says,

“In our past lifetimes we have changed races, sexes, economic circumstances, living conditions, and religions. We will change them in the future as well. So if we hate or if we kill, we are hating and fighting and killing ourselves.”

The writer is suggesting what many other people, philosophers, spiritual guides did in the past and presently do, that is: to love one another because this feeling is the “ultimate lesson”.

Later on, Brian Weiss introduced two concepts, closely connected to love, that are often used as synonyms: empathy and compassion.

The idea of empathy is extreme important in our lives because it is through it that we can forgive and be forgiven. Indeed, it is empathy to ourselves, to our younger versions, to our previous manifestations of ourselves , and not only to others that will guide us to a higher, positive level. We will see ourselves in a more optimistic way. The author defines empathy as, “The sister of compassion and the child of unconditional love.”

As to the other notion, the one of compassion, although it may be related to empathy, it can also be disjointed to it. Actually, people can be compassionate without empathy. As Weiss proposed, “You can feel compassion for someone or even for an insect or animal even if you don’t recognize the other’s feelings in yourself”. While compassion is more a result of your instinct, empathy involves more deeply your mind and intellect.

Even though, these two concepts can be similar and different at the same time, the more they fuse together, the more you will find yourselves at the final step: “Spiritual love, unconditional love, love that is pure and everlasting.”

Be compassionate to others, but do not forget to be to yourself as well!





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