Sex As You Like It Or Let The Rabbit In You Come Alive!

Last week, a friend and I had a conversation about sex and these are some of the common points that we shared.

First of all, we both agree as to how much less boring and much more exciting life would be if we had sex every day. As we supply our bodies of food we should do the same with sex on a daily basis. As much as there are many different types of food, there are various ways of having sexual intercourses. Would you eat the same type of food every day? Of course not, and so we should vary the sex as well. What about cooking and performing some sex before, during and after? We could create a theme for every single day and just go with it!

In order to do that we can take advantage of all the bibliography on sex. How fun it would be to read a sex book and practice it at the same time! There are plenty of positions and a variety of  deeds to put into action. Why aren’t we going to be creative? Let’s just use our imagination and the aid of some books, videos, gadgets and whatsoever. Our days and our lives would definitely get a plus, our relationships will get stronger and our stress will go away.


Later on, we point out the fact that in a relationship we should never get to the point of avoiding certain sexual acts. Just because the couple is settled, it does not mean that sex should be, too. For instance, let’s enjoy in giving and receiving oral performances and why not in some 69 positions!

In addition, there are no excuses for not having sex. Unless we are really sick or about to die, we can always find the energy for copulating. Let’s put aside all the different hi-tech gadgets and play with some real, carnal ones. A day should not end without having some sex, a complete one, an oral one to be shared with our partner or the person available to do that.

As a conclusion my friend and I stated that we should be like rabbits. Although we do not have such big ears, we have a “tail” and/or something else that can donate and receive pleasure and satisfaction.


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