Reincarnation – Final Part

Toward the end of his book “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, Brian L. Weiss focused on some important points:

– Self-love;

– Meditation;

– Live the Present

Later on, concluding with a message of Love because that is the final lesson after all.

As to the first point (self-love) we all know how important it is to consider ourselves worth it. There is no doubt that not everybody does it and for many different reasons. However, we should always remind ourselves this lesson. Quoting Weiss, “Self-love is the the basis for love of others. It is where real charity begins. When you love yourself, it will spill over; when you don’t love yourself, yourself will consciously or unconsciously be focused on finding it, and you won’t have time for anybody else.”

In order to love yourself, we should meditate more and more. By concentrating your attention to a definite subject or object, all the other thoughts will fly away, and our minds will be more and more receptive of whatever is: images, feelings and/or ideas. Contemplation is extremely related to the third concept (to live the present). In fact if we do not let the past and future take over in our lives, we will be able to concentrate only on the present. During the meditative process we would benefit even more if we let our creativity reign. The author wrote, “Stop thinking. Instead, use your intuitive wisdom to experience love again. Meditate. See that everything is interconnected. See your true self. See God. Meditation and visualization will help you to begin the journey back.”

All this trip should be governed by love because it is what we bring from one life to another. Sometimes we do not acknowledge that, while other times we do not use it properly. The idea is that love does not die with us, but it comes back again.

Talking about love the author wrote, “It is life and the afterlife. It is our goal, and all of us, in this or future lives, will attain it.”



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