2014: It Has To Be Good

A new year just started. Everybody are more or less working on the different propositions that they made in the past year.

What did you wish for? What are the main things you want to focus on in this year?

As to me my main focus will be on my happiness. I will continue the work that I started back in 2013. In order to do that I would have to concentrate more on the simple elements of life, on the things that give me more satisfaction and enjoyment. But most of all, since joy comes from within, I would put my greatest effort to cultivate my inner soul, love myself more and more to the top; no matter what anyone will say I know that I am worth it and this is not the commercial for “L’Oreal”.

Of course, I will put all my energy to my family (husband, brother, nieces and nephew) and my extended family of friends. Last week at church the priest talked about the importance of keep your family together, of supporting each other consistently and loving as much as you can.

Last but not least is an inspirational vision that my Italian friend/brother Livio expressed to me: “you like me and love me the way I am. If not, it is not my problem.” We all are transformational beings and to love somebody is to accept that as well.

2014 will be a joyous, healthy, loving, self-reliant year! And as I always say when I meditate, “let the positivity bounce around and hit the people that I love: the closer as well as the farther ones .20140103-115244.jpg


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