Disease – Anger – Argument

A dear friend is at the hospital and she is facing a tough moment of her life. We have known each other for several years, we dated for a summer season when we were teenagers, we stayed in contact after that, we did not communicate for some years, but then got in touch again. I am usually very good in remembering birthdays and especially when they are close to some festivities like Christmas.

So last month I sent her an email wishing a good time for the holiday season and she told me that she was going through a difficult time and that she was worried to death about what was about to happen in January.

Last night, before going to bed I sent a message on whatsapp wishing her good luck for today. Yes, because that is when she went to the hospital. Later on, today I texted her again asking how it went. I totally misunderstood what she previously told me. She has to wait for the surgery because right now they are running some tests on her. Apparently, the situation is not as optimistic as they originally thought. She is on her thirties and as I told her this morning I send her all my positive energy and I cross my fingers that the tests will be negative and that after the surgery she will forget this awful moment of her life.


Life is so crazy, we fight, we argue about silly, really unimportant matters. And then when we have to face the reality such as diseases, the loss of a relevant person in our lives, we look back to those moments when we so stupidly got mad, angry, when we yelled to lovers, friends, relatives. I have to say that sometimes we really prove how unworthy we are of all the gifts that God gave us. We should appreciate what we have, we should let others be themselves and just love each other. Certain times we totally show that we are full of shit, but it is not the one that we can disperse when we go number 2.

Wake up I and world. Be who you are, let others be who they are. Let’s not care about irrelevant things, love your neighbor as yourself and keep that shit for the “toilette time” Man!


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