Superpower or “Love Conquers All”


Beyoncé has just come out with a new album. In one of her songs, she compares love to a super power. I am quoting just some parts of it. But my main point is that the comparison is relevant and the singer truly makes a point proposing it. I experience and am still doing it every day. My spouse and I have been together for almost five years and although some people and some challenging situations have tried to take us apart, here we are showing that love is for sure a super power.

Beyoncé’s “Superpower

“… (Super power)
A subtle power
(Super power)
A tough love
(Super power)
Uh huh, like a shark
(Super power)
Ooh, Like a bear
A tough love…

… And just like you I can’t be scared
And just like you I hope I’m spared
But it’s tough love
I know you feel it in the air…

… The laws of the world tell us what goes sky
And what falls
It’s a super power
(Super power)
The laws of the world never stopped us once
Cause together we got plenty super power…

…Yes we can
Couldn’t break us down
They couldn’t break us down.”



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