Never Stop New Epiphanies


Last week, while I was doing my work out I had a revelation.

My epiphany consisted of different elements:

1) You do not have to impress people;

2) You are just unique;

3) What you like and the way you do it only matter.

In our society, more or less people look for external validations but the only one that we really need is from ourselves. There is no other person, except God, who loves us more than ourselves. And it is when we realize that the other people, the different things in our lives will take their right places. It is like a chess board. Indeed, we are all kings and/or queens and the other players, although they come in various shapes and sizes, have the same power as the king and or the queen.

As a consequence, let’s celebrate every single day the fact that we are unique and so special. Yesterday, I was talking on the phone to a friend and I told her, “You know!? I think that unless people harm children and animals, human beings could do everything that they like.” Of course, this is a very general statement and can be discussed over and over. But I think I got the point of what I stated: live your freedom, cheers to you and your essence.

Certainly, in order to do that we should just do what we like and the way we want to do it. Again another sentence that could be a great topic for discussion. But who has time to talk and talk!? We have got to love ourselves, to embrace the good and the bad of our beings, and do not let anybody value our worthiness; no one can really set you free, except yourself.

So enjoy your life, run the path that God and we have chosen, stop here and there. Consider but do not over assume, because life is so fast and in a blink we all be, if lucky, old.


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