On my way to the bus stop

I just got on the bus and thank God nobody stinks, it is almost empty and I can just relax while listening to my iPod.

While I was walking to the bus stop and waiting for the bus I noticed some different Monday drivers:

1) one person was having a very intense phone conversation. She was totally yelling and moving her hands repeatedly. Maybe she was Italian. And I am Italian 🙂

2) another one was driving a nice car. While he was stuck in the traffic, he was picking his nose with his index finger. GROSS!

3) a fat couple was staring at me. Probably because they were commenting the fact that I was taking pictures of myself. LOOOOL

4) the final one looked at me and smiled. 🙂

Now, while Bruno Mars is singing in my ears I wish you all a good Monday. Let the positivity reign for the day!



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