It Is Less Than A Wind Blow

IMG_3391In about 7 months I will be turning 42 years old. The first thought goes back to 1988 when I was 16 and my mom died at the age of 45. That means that if I have my mom’s same destiny, I will probably have more or less 3 years of this current life. Of course, I hope to have many more years to come. Notwithstanding many different thoughts run in my head.

For sure we all know that life is not just unpredictable. Yet, it is a mystery and every morning when we wake up is simply a blessing. But sometimes we really do not get it. Instead of appreciating and focusing on the positive aspects of our lives, we surround ourselves of negative energy, unnecessary thoughts, and many other no-beneficial facts. Wouldn’t it be great if when setting our wake-up alarm, we could also let only the positive alarm tone got us back from the dreaming world to the real one? Only a world of love, support, understanding would take place!

Wake up world! Life is a second; love, share only positive feelings and try as much as you can to uplift people in every word and or act that you speak or perform.


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