The Power of Music


Some days ago I ran into a quote on facebook by a dead musician. His name was Mitch Lucker and he was part of a band called “Suicide Silence”. This musician/singer who was born in 1984 died in 2012 in a motorbike accident. Apparently, as his wife stated, he was drunk when he left their home and got into his deadly accident. Before reading his quote, I never heard about him probably because of the genre of music he was into: deathcore.

Notwithstanding the citation could sound a little controversial, especially due to the way he died, I really like it and it makes sense to me. Here it is,

“Keep listening to music, ’cause it gets you through everything, I promise.”

What do you think about music? Well, what I suppose is that I cannot live without music. I love many different types of music, I like to sing even though I am not Tina Turner or Luciano Pavarotti. There are rare moments during the day when I do not have some music playing in the background or over the sound of any other things in this world. Yes, I love music and I truly believe that it can get you through everything; supposedly even death. It would definitely be better to die listening to your favorite tune than in the silence or the noise of this world.



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