Find Your Angel


Some days ago I tried for the second time to get in contact with my angel/spirit guide. One month ago, I had done this meditation, but the result was that I had just fallen asleep.

The idea of experimenting it came from one of the books that I am reading “You Are Clairvoyant” by Belinda Grace. Those of you who read my posts in the past know how much I believe in the existence of angels, spiritual guides that are consistently protecting us, sending guidance messages to us and make us believe that we are not alone. So I did it, I meditated and I got in contact with my angel.

First of all I have to say that in the past I would have not even considered to experiment something like that but in the last year and a half I have been spiritually working on myself. The long path towards happiness that comes within yourself and in the direction of considering yourself a better person, a worthy one no matter the number of flaws you may have is totally a long journey. Everyday there are always something menacing your trip and your attempt to grow to a higher, spiritual level. Sometimes it would be much easier to just give up on certain things and choose an easier life made essentially of material things, carnal behavior and superficial relationships.

But that is not what I am doing right now. So going straight to my first contact with my angel I am going to express some of the images, feelings and sensations that I had. However, before doing that I have to express a bit of skepticism about the fact that some of the things that I am going to talk about may be just a result of my elaborate mind that tried during the meditation to take advantage of the situation.

In order to get in contact with your angel/spiritual guide I had to clean my energy and then start flying in the sky towards the universe. After wandering around, exploring different planets, stars and etc., I focused on one single light that later on came closer to me. That was my angel/spiritual guide. As I previously affirmed my mind was not that clear and tried to contaminate my experience. What I was able to note right after the meditation was that my angel has dark blonde hair; I cannot recall any images of the clothes she was wearing. Her name is Patricia (I do not know if she told me that or I named her like that; I would have to call her again). She held my hand and warmed it. She told me that she loves me and she is always at my side. She was smiling at me and at a certain point she sang the song “Summertime” playing a little harp.

Well, that was my first encounter with my angel. For sure it is assuring that she is always close to me, even now I can feel her energy and protection.


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