Who Would Have Thought?

Some years ago, I would have never even listened to somebody if they would have talked to me about chakras, cleaning them and so on.

I remember one occasion when a person mentioned them to me and I was more than skeptical about it. I listened because it was polite to do that and also because that person actually felt that I was going through a change that I did not want to face yet.

But then later on I did not try to research or do anything in particular about it. Instead it was just recently, over a year ago, that I started reading books about spirituality, meditation and of course chakras.

A couple of months ago a friend suggested me the book “You Are Clairvoyant” by Belinda Grace and at the very beginning of the book she gives an explanation of all the chakras and some further procedures for cleaning and keeping them on the right track. On that occasion I drew a picture of the chakras (I know that I am a horrible drawer) and here it is at the end of my post.



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