Happiness Equal You

IMG_5446Some days ago I was talking to a friend and he told me that he is very stressed and going through a sort of crisis/depression. I guess many people use the word depression a little too often and inappropriately.

For what I know when people are depressed, they are totally or almost completely inactive, amorphous and in a state of mental mind that is not bright at all, but instead captured between some strong, forceful roots.

On the other hand many individuals are instead melancholic. They have a lot in their lives, they maybe dreamed about having children, a family, to have a job that will provide to their needs and to those of their families. Notwithstanding, there is something wrong in their mind/soul: they are not completely satisfied for many different reasons.  The boss might be an asshole, the co-workers a bunch of lunatics, the children are often sick, their relationships are not the dreamy ones they had in mind.

Generally speaking I think that people forget that their happiness should come from within. And that in the moment they allow somebody to enter their space, joy can be increased and/or decreased here and there. My friend’s response to my general statement was, “Well, if I had decided not to be happy, I should have stayed single.” It totally makes sense because as much as people try to be happy just as a result of their own inner essence, there comes a moment when they let others contribute to their state of jubilation.

As human beings are meant not to be alone, people get together and try to achieve contentment no more only as individuals but as a couple, a group of people and the path sometimes become a little more challenging but enriching.


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