Love To Beloved As Faith To God

Last Saturday, I went to church and during the sermon the priest said something that really captured my attention as to the point to note that on a piece of paper. That is what he said,

“Love enables us to see the goodness of the beloved as faith gives the chance to see the goodness of God.”

Love and faith are too inexplicable elements of life. Many philosophers, theologists, writers, poets and others spend their time reflecting on these essential concepts and much more will be said about them in the future.

Later on during mass, the priest made a relevant point about God. Many people are bewildered and shocked at the cruelty, natural disasters, violence of the world and wonder how God can allow that. But on the other hand they rarely consider how many positive, good things exist and happen every day.

As a conclusion, people should definitely focus on the good, on all the blessings that they have. Every single moment, individuals have a negative thought, it would be better to turn that switch off and push the on button, the optimistic one.FAITH


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