Meaning Of Life: L O V E

>”It’s the soul that needs a surgery.” ~ Beyoncé


I think that the main answer is LOVE, but not just for your lover or your beloved ones. It is a higher love for God, for all the human beings. I suppose that is also love for what you do, either it is your job, a hobby and/or one of your passions.


Men are like a train full of wagons, some of them are important while others are just unnecessary in your life. They may look like that they may be because sometimes they are the first-class wagons and they fool the individuals by making them thinking that they should travel on them and totally avoid any other ones. But later on comes the revelation and those first-class wagons reveal their true nature of fakeness and irrelevance to life.

Everyday people wake up, do the usual routine, in certain occasions something different in order to avoid the boredom and the repetitiveness of their lives. But in a certain way they are just escaping from a reality and eventually from themselves. Instead, at the end individuals should just go back to themselves because it is right there that they can find that mysterious answer.


Being a man of faith, this going back to the inner self eventually will take the person straight to God. And it is just the faith that can help that human being in not feeling hungry or thirsty. People run, chase happiness, success, validation, but it is just in their own essence that they can find that and God knew that when he created them and always tries to make themselves be their best friend and most precious supporter.


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