Communication: Psychic Conversation

A month ago I finished the book “You Are Clairvoyant” by Belinda Grace and I found it pretty fascinating. I still have to do many of the exercises that the author proposes.

One of them is called “Psychic Conversation” and I am going to do it very soon and I may add my considerations about it later on. In the meantime I just want to explain this concept that can be very useful in different occasions.

The main purpose of this exercise is to be able to communicate with a person without having that individual in front of you or either on the phone or any other internet ways of communication. The activity can be used to interact with somebody with whom you have some difficulty of communication either because there is some kind of animosity, due to the distance or any other motives.

Considering the essence of this task, people are free to express their true feelings without risking to face the other person’s ego and conscious mind. Quoting the writer, “For better or the worse we all grown up to believe that we have to defend our corner in life, and that understanding another’s needs or point of view is a form of weakness that leaves us open to losing in some way”.

The first time I am going to use this technique in order to reach out with a couple of very close Italian friends with whom I have not been able to be in contact lately. I really hope that it will help me to rebuild the contact with them.



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