– “Fashionable” – Troilus and Cressida


I am going to start posting pictures of some of my clothing styles. What is fashion and what is considered fashionable?

Well, my interest for fashion has seen some upside down. There were moments in my forty-one year of life that it totally represents a very big deal, maybe a little too much towards a sort of obsession/shopaholicism.

Let’s go back to all how it started. My parents were pretty fashionable and because of my dad’s job, both of them have to dress nicely and in certain occasions elegantly. My mom had a very slim figure, her height was average but not her beauty. Indeed, she was a very pretty woman with nice cheekbones, beautiful hair and smooth skin. And for her it was quite easy to find clothes that looked good on her; she was for sure a fashion-addict and she had a peculiar interest for jewelry. My dad was an attractive man and many women fell in love with him. He definitely struggled during his life with his weight and later in his age he did not look as he used to be. However, for many years he cared a lot about what he was wearing and in certain situations he looked quite impeccable.

Having an example like that already pushed my interest towards fashion and because of that I always looked for trends and styles. I remember that I used to get mad at my parents because they wanted me to wear some of my older brother’s clothes. Not only I had to wear used clothes, but also not that fashionable or at least not really of my own taste.

In addition to that, there was the fact that being born in the early seventies I was in my early teens when a new movement started in Italy whose followers were know as “paninari”. The word is very close to the word “panini” and it was chosen because some of these people could just afford to buy bread with maybe some ham inside in order then to have enough money to buy the expensive clothes they were wearing. It all began in a city well-known for fashion, Milan, and rapidly spread in all Italy. Of course it reached the close city of Verona, my hometown. There the “paninari” were called “bondolari” with a reference to the type of ingredient used to fill the bread: “bondola” also known as mortadella.



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