Chubby, Slim, Fat, Skinny = Fit

Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Huatulco, Mexico, and while I was lying on my bed at the beach I observed some of the people that were there. There are two or three people that I wanted to talk about because of their body types and supposed diet habits.

So let’s start with one couple of Mexican people, at least I think they were Mexican because they were speaking Spanish and the beach was mostly of Mexicans or Canadians. The couple was composed by a pretty pregnant woman and a cute, chubby, “pregnant” man. They were supposedly on their thirties/forties and they look like a nice couple. It is interesting to see how in certain couples when the woman is going through pregnancy, the man is supposed to get bigger, too. I do not know if that was the case of the above-mentioned couple, maybe the guy was already chubby before the beginning of his partner’s pregnancy.

The second couple was formed by a skinny, average woman and by a tall, very muscular guy with a gigantic ass. First of all, let’s say that I was a little jealous of his butt. I am working out daily and got some results down there in my back. But that arse represents a goal for me. Of course, I cannot pretend to have the same size he had, but I am sure I can do something to get a little closer, loooool. He looked like a football/hockey player. Moving on to his partner, she was a blonde, skinny chick; there was nothing special about her and honestly close to her partner, she kinda disappeared. I guess that may happen when the partner is way too taller than you are and plus he/she is so muscular.

Last, but not the least, was an Italian couple on their fifties. They were both very classic, the man is a doctor while the wife is a teacher. The woman was skinny and the man was a little chubby. They both looked much better dressed than in swimsuits, but I bet that only few people really look good naked or half-naked.

In my 41 years of life I have been dealing with my body and weight consistently. I was a chubby kid, a skinny teenager. Later on, I gained more weight, lost and got it back again. A few months ago, I lost several pounds, but I was again forcing myself and starve myself somehow. For sure I was eating and many times a day, but getting all the times just small portions. Right now I am feeding myself a little bit more and grant myself some treats here and there. Generally, I eat healthy, but what about that bag of chips, a muffin or a cupcake?! Yes, I eat them, too. However, I am usually good at balancing myself and be moderate, at least mostly.

Conclusively, I recently came to the point that I cannot have the body of a teenager any longer. Of course, if I really want to, I will be able to achieve that, except for the wrinkles, looool. But I am a man and I want to look like one, so I accept my body type, my age and my aim is to be fit, somehow muscular and with a butt. Because what is worth than to see someone without an ass?!



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