Do You Want To Open That Gate?

Yesterday is gone and no matter if it was five minutes ago or 3 days or ten years ago, it is inevitably over. Many times we just like to go back to the past and if it makes sense here and there. But we should never forget that what really matters is just now and even what comes next is not that important.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself the relevance of the present because the good memories of the past, the amazing times spent with friends and relatives are only a construction of my mind. That does not mean that I cannot think about those moments and certain, important people of my life. Notwithstanding, I have to live the present and those lovely buddies to whom I talk, write to and that are still in contact with me. I wish I could pick up the phone and just call some of them at least once a week in order to catch up. The technology helps us a lot: Facebook, emails and other internet applications. But it is not enough sometimes because the voice is more powerful and the ability and in particular the chance to touch, hug somebody that you love and care about is priceless.



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