Another Side Of Mexico

Last month, my spouse and I spent a week in Huatulco, Mexico. The location is beautiful, the ocean simply gorgeous and with high levels of humidity and temperature.

During our staying, we decided to go on a couple of excursions. One of them was to see some waterfalls in the inner part of Huatulco. The road that took us to the location was pretty rough and the trip was not that comfortable. But to complain about it makes sense and it does not if we consider that some people lived in that forest and usually just walk or have that commute to go to work. Our guide told us that many Canadians helped the different communities in that area to build schools and that of course more aid and support are needed. Another aspect is that some of the locals use their savings to build houses that are really works in progress: more savings, more bricks.

Before and after the time spent at the waterfalls, we stopped at a couple of places where some local entrepreneurs offered us some beverages like coffee and hot chocolate. That was mainly an excuse for selling their products. In Italy there is a saying that stated, “Tutto il mondo è paese” like saying that the world is like a village and at the end everything is different and similar at the same time all over the earth.

All the people try to survive and make a living no matter what. It seems that people may be happy living a certain type of life either simple or privileged, but at the end the real happiness always comes from within.








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