La morte, Quelle Horreur, Quelle Bénédiction

“Deux minutes avant la mort

Voilà le moment tant redouté. Le moment de partir pour le grand voyage.
On prétend souvent que la vie ne vaut pas par sa durée, mais par la façon dont on l’a vécue.
Facile à dire quand on est pétant de santé!

“Seras-tu là?” ~ Guillaume Musso

I grew up catholic and I am still professing this religion. I go to church every Sunday and believe in many of the catholic dogmas, but not in all of them. I read different books that talked about what comes after our death. My idea of the other world, or of what would happen to my soul is a little complicated and a mixture of different faiths.

I believe that when we die, the soul will go somewhere else but it is not going to die. The destination is a sort of what Dante described in the “Divina Commedia”, but also with a little variation. To me it is like the soul will be split into some different parts and part of it will move back to the earth and find place in another human being coming to life.

According to my belief, it is like people have another opportunity to be a better or maybe even a worse person once back to this universe.
As to the other part of the soul, that would rest in peace in heaven or burn in hell or maybe stay in a transitory location like the purgatory.

The soul is all, and people have a chance somewhere in another dimension or again in this universe in another place and time.



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