“Don’t judge and don’t consider yourself better than others”, the priest said in church, last week. He continued saying that if a person is judgmental and feels superior, he kind of putting himself on a pedestal and loses connection with the world. The devil is in a certain way tempting that person and seducing him or her.

The preacher was pointing out how people should aim towards the good and avoid the bad thoughts that will keep ourselves far away from the salvation.

Whether people believe or not in the existence of heaven makes a big difference in their perspectives of life. However, although you may not be a person of faith, you can be as good as one or even more. Actually, the fact that a person professes a particular creed does not necessarily mean that the individual is a fair person.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult not to be tempted by judging people and considering ourselves somehow better due to different reasons. I guess that human beings mostly lose their
connection with the simple things and get all caught up in a myriad of unnecessary and unimportant thoughts.

Be gentle to others and to yourself. Be good and not so judgmental!



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