Don’t Stop Your Creativity

I have totally to remind that to myself. Although life is crazy and it looks like you have no time for being creative, there is always a moment when you can let yourself go.

Today, I was walking back from a long morning already turned into an early afternoon, when I had to stop because I saw something interesting on the ground. Not, it was not something left by a dog, loool. At first, I had been almost tempted to just go and head quickly home. However, I stopped and set the object to be in a perfect light before capturing it in a shot.

This reminded me of something that occurred to me the previous day. I was on another walk to get some CDs from the library when I saw a photographer engaged in a photo shooting of a model. I have to say that I always wanted to be a model. Unfortunately, I guess due to my height, not tall enough, as well as to my age, I will never be one. So, what I thought is that I still can be a photographer somehow. Probably, I will not take photos of people, but mainly of things, panoramas and more.

Yes, I love being a teacher, but I also have another dream. Well, I should say more than once. Let’s see what I am going to accomplish.

Think big or at least think! Never stop your creativity!


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