Playing With My I-Phone Week 5

IMG_1854 IMG_1869 IMG_1872 IMG_1880 IMG_1885 IMG_1890 IMG_1893 IMG_1930 IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1946 IMG_1947 IMG_1955 IMG_1957 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2007 IMG_2021 IMG_2022 IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2038 IMG_2096 IMG_2104 IMG_2123 IMG_2129 IMG_2140 IMG_2143 IMG_2155 IMG_2171 IMG_2181 IMG_2197 IMG_2203 IMG_2213IMG_1824


Experimenting, observing through different lenses and films this multifaceted world!


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