The Art Of Being A Parent (If You Are, Act Like One)

Thinking about when it is time for being responsible. For sure, once you have a kid, and then two and more, it is really the moment when you should stop and really think about what the hell you are doing.

Having children is not easy and nobody does not really force any one. Kids do not ask to come to this world, it is a complete parents’ choice and it is their full responsibility.

Of course, there are different situations in this crazy world and sometimes we are more or less responsible for any of those. However, we should never forget that the parents are there for being an example to their children. Unfortunately, it is sad to see that some kids are sometimes more mature than those who gave birth to them.

Yes, we have a life and we should make the most of it, but not if our children have to pay for that. It is never too late for not being selfish, choosing what is right not just for us but mainly for them.




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