Occasionally, you’d like to
Go back in time;
You look at your kid,
Her innocent smile
Fills your heart.
You listen to her
Singing the alphabet.

One moment ago
You were like she;
You were playing
Like you were still 4.

But then your face changed
Life and its weight
Fell again on your shoulders.

There was no more
A magic, unreal world;
Instead it was the reality
On a silver-plate
Be served to you
Together with preoccupations,
Duties and more responsibilities.

Now, you are in another dimension,
You’re checking your Facebook
And you are ignoring your child.

Her words are just
a voice to herself
And to the people
Who don’t care about her.

In 10 minutes
You lived in three different dimensions:
You were again a kid,
Later on, a preoccupied adult,
And then a prisoner in a cage,
whose sign
Said Facebook.

Now you need to escape!
As there was an entrance,
There will eventually be
An exit, too.
Go, find it before it is too late!




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