In Those Tiny Little Moments

Last Sunday at 10 a.m., I went to my usual church in Weho. When I moved to L.A. over 5 years ago, I did not go to church for a while because I was a little disoriented and did not know how to approach a mass in another language and another culture. One day, I decided that it was time to go back to church and I searched on the internet for a LGBT friendly, catholic church. Surprisingly, I found two churches in my area, and so I finally chose the most convenient one, St. Ambrose, just two blocks from where I live.

I have been going to this house of God for over 4 years and I found some very nice people there. I met two other Italian people, a sister and a brother, who have been living in the States for decades. Sometimes, after church I hang out with them for a coffee and although they are on their 70s and 80s, it is fun to spend time with them. Well, it feels kind of being with my mother somehow; if she were alive, she would be seventy-two. There is another very sweet woman, whose life is not unfortunately very bright right now. I really pray for her and wish her and her family the best.

Recently, a new priest took over in the church. He has a very interesting personality and attitude towards the parishioners. He tries to contact with them, he comes down from the altar, goes around the church and also tries to have people interact with each other. I guess that this may seem a little weird to some of them because they are used to a very traditional church and more conventional sermons. I like his approach and I feel for him when people do not really respond back to him. Being a teacher taught me how to be in front of people and it is sometimes uncomfortable when the audience does not really answer back or does not seem so interested. However, I learned that it is not all about you and you should not take it too personally.

In the last sermon, the priest mentioned how we should love, and of course he said that Jesus is our example. We should love the way he did. He was ridiculed and people stepped on him. However, he loved us and showed how love is not something that we should take for granted and it is like a gift we offer to others. The priest said, ‘In those tiny little moments, love can have the taste of perfection, the same one that Jesus’ love had for us.”

Loving one another is a present that God gave us and we should just spread love and go over own selfishness.



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