Multi-Tasked / Multi-Talented / Multi-Genius

How many times, while being held in the middle of an activity, have you stopped and have thought about how good you are?

Well, just think about all the different skills that you acquired during the years. Some people taught you some of them while for others you just were an auto didactic.

My parents, my grandparents, my family, my teachers, my friends and even some strangers taught me somehow how to do certain things. It goes from the little things, like to tie your laces, to take a bus, etc. to more relevant ones, like being able to speak another language, to work, to be supportive to other people.

Consequently, human beings are just extremely powerful, brilliant and have so many potentialities that if we even think about it we will never stop using our innate, immense energy. Let us be an example, let enjoy life and be creative in all that we do!


Pollo alla nonna Lina with potatoes, kale and parmesan


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