Riding A Bus

Well, I have to say that riding a bus gives you a lot of experience. Not only you have to be careful because somebody could pickpocket you, but you have to develop some other specific skills and also enrich your perspective and knowledge of the society.

First of all, if you are not that lucky of finding a seat straight away, you must be able to be a sort of acrobat and keep your balance while a driver tries to take you to your destination as fast as he or she can. When you get on a bus, you do not really want to touch anything, and that challenges your acrobatic abilities even more.

Secondly, due to the fact that not everybody is so clean and uses deodorant daily, you have to smell some unpleasant odors. That is why I usually carry a cologne or a sort of parfumerie to spray on me, in the environment or just to sniff it in order to avoid the disgusting smells. Right today, I had to use it and the person seated next to me thanked me because a stinky person’s scent was so intense that it spread in all the bus.

Thirdly, the bus gives you some opportunities to observe people, to be that voyeur of different cultures, costumes, habits. It does not happen so frequently to see very handsome people on the bus, but sometimes it occurs. Individual do very different things on this mean of transportation. Some days ago, I noticed two Latino women who were praying while another guy was listening to some loud music that was pumping out of his expensive earphones. In the meantime, other people were having some phone conversations, or a few of them a real one with a stranger or an acquaintance/friend. Of course there were others who were sleeping deeply and I wonder how they could wake up at the right spot. Sometimes, I nap too. However, I usually put an alarm on my phone so I’ll be sure to wake up a little before my bus stop.

Conclusively, I am still on the bus. This is going to be the last ride of this week; no more rushing to catch it, no stinky people, no more quarters except for those that I would use for the laundry. Bye bye bus, I will see you on Monday, and please people shower or I would have to buy more cologne!









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