How Big Is Halloween? It Is HUGE

Two days ago was Halloween and people just went crazy about it. At one of the schools where I currently teach, they organized some festivities: students and teachers could wear a costume, had to carve a pumpkin and to go around the school for trick or treat. My costume was very simple since I did not want to do any make-up or buy anything in particular. That is why I went for a total black and a Venetian mask; people thought I was Zorro, loooool. It is funny because the mask was not black but golden and dark brown, and because I used to be a very cute Zorro when I was a kid.

Due to the Halloween parade in West Hollywood, it took me a little more than two hours by bus to come back from Santa Monica. At that point I was already kind of over all this celebration and just wanted to rest. I have to say that I do not even regret the fact that I did not go. Instead of being among many crazy, drunk individuals, my spouse and I stayed in and just watched a good, horror movie.

One thing that I feel sorry for is that I was not able to have the make up of “un muerto” as it is a custom in Mexico for “El Día de Los Muertos”. I love those made-up faces and I found them so interesting.

Last night the Halloween celebration kept rolling by going to the movie theater “El Capitán” in Hollywood for a projection of “Halloween Before Christmas” in 4D. Except for the movie theater that was very packed and as cold as cellar, it was a great experience and worth it the money and the fuss of being in Hollywood on a Saturday night.

Another Halloween passed, no ghosts or spooky things happened. I just wish Halloween could be the opportunity to receive a tangible message and contact with my beloved, dead family members.

Who knows? Maybe next year…













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