The Teacher



Teaching is like being a therapist, a clown, an entertainer, an example, but also being an asshole, at least once in a while.

At the moment I am teaching three different languages: Italian, English and French. Which one of the experiences I like the most? Well, that is a good question. I like all of them somehow even though each environment has different personalities.


In the school where I teach English there are students from 16-year old to people on their fifties. Certainly, when in a class there are individuals of such a different age, it is natural that the atmosphere and the rhythm change. I started being an instructor there around 5 months ago and although it is for a big, supposedly organized school, the salary is quite irrelevant and low. I am taking it mostly as an work experience and I will not die there unless it would happen due to a earthquake. Some of the students are committed and eager to learn, but most of them just spend their time and money for nothing.


The other school has much more committed and interested students, but an owner who is not that easy to handle. This person is one of those suspicious ones;, reminding of a previous boss that I had. Actually, I feel that when people become so suspicious and so controlling, it is because they know that they do not behave in the best way to other people. It is a sort of “Lady Macbeth” attitude, completely full of scheming and instructing. Not only the teachers are supposed to do their jobs in the classroom, but they have to develop and perform a marketing attitude. This really annoy several teachers as well as the students who do not want to deal with this kind of pressure. Of course, if there are not students, as a consequence there are not classes. Notwithstanding, teachers are not meant to be put in that position, unless they would get a commission for executing a role that does not belong to them. I am not getting into other details about the school, but instead talk about a couple of students. I have to say that since I have been in this school, I have not disliked any of them. However, there are a couple whom I would have not taught if I had met them outside and asked me to be their teacher.


Last, but not the least is a new student whom I teach some basic French before the coming trip to “joli Paris”. I am talking about a very friendly, intelligent student who is committed and very attentive. It is a satisfaction to deal with people like that; your job is appreciated and it feels like you do not waste your time and energy.

2015 is going to be my YEAR full of projects that will be finally accomplished partially or fully. Cheers to the new year and to the people involved in any of my plans!


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