Trust, How Far Do You?

One minute ago, I got off of one bus and I was waiting for the connection one. One second right after I was approached by a tall man who asked me if I could make a phone call for him. After hesitating for a couple of seconds, I answered no. The man went around and asked other people, but they all said no. He finally questioned if there were some public phones and some homeless people directed him to the other side of the street.

Probably, I should not feel so guilty because at the end that man found a way to connect to whom he was trying to. Now, I think that I should have helped him somehow. However, due to the fact that we hear so many crazy stories, I ended up being selfish, maybe less brave and more reasonable than what I tend to be.

Could I have trusted him? Are human beings becoming more and more selfish and scared of others? Or, is this behavior a simple way of surviving in this f., weird world?



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