It Is All About Perspectives

Some days ago, after having come back from the school in Santa Monica, I stopped at the cleaners to pick up some clothes. One of the people working there is a guy on his twenties. He is a very nice guy of Mexican origins and who works in two different places: the cleaners and at a “Coffee Bean” shop.

That day, this guy was so happy that he had to share his news with me. The following day he was going to continue his studies at a community college. He was so enthusiastic that this made me think how sometimes we are so ungrateful about what we have and the opportunities life offers us. Comparing some of the students in Santa Monica with this guy, it is so clear how these inconsiderate, immature, lucky people do not see beyond their world. I am not God and if I think about the time when I was in high-school I can see myself acting stupidly as some of these guys. When I was in my second year of high-school, I was not a very diligent scholar. At the end, I failed so I had to repeat the year. What I can say is that a while ago I learned the lesson, and today I can simply admire that guy at the cleaners because he is much more grateful than those lazy, spoiled and arrogant ones in my present school.

I guess everybody, sooner or later, will learn a lesson. Every day we have the opportunity of learning something new. It is just up to us to open our cells or to shut them to stupidity and ignorance.




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